How to fix small videos on iPhone?- A comprehensive guide 2023

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Hey there, iPhone users! Ever found yourself stuck with a video that’s just too small to use or share effectively? It’s a common issue, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this guide, we’ll explore how to navigate through the common video size issues on your iPhone and provide solutions on how to fix small videos on iphone in no time.

The Common Issues with iPhone Videos

Understanding the problem is the first step towards finding a solution. So, let’s delve into the common issues iPhone users face with their videos.
fix small videos on iphone

Size Issues

Sometimes, videos recorded on the iPhone might be too small in dimension or file size, making them less enjoyable or shareable.

Quality Issues

At times, you might notice a drop in video quality, which might be related to the size and settings of the video.

Why Video Size Matters

In the digital age, sharing moments through videos has become a norm. But what happens when the size of these videos becomes a hurdle?

Sharing and Sending

A video that’s too small might lose its charm when shared on platforms like Instagram or sent through messaging apps.

Storage Management

Managing storage effectively also involves ensuring that videos are of optimal size and quality.

Methods to Fix Small Videos

Let’s dive into the practical part – how can you fix those small videos on your iPhone?
fix small videos on iphone

Using iPhone Settings

Your iPhone comes equipped with settings that can help manage and alter video sizes.

  • Changing Camera Settings

    Navigate to your settings and adjust the camera settings to manage the size and quality of the videos you record.

  • Editing After Recording

    Use the in-built editing tools to crop, resize, and enhance your videos post-recording.

Using Third-Party Apps

Sometimes, external apps can provide additional functionalities to manage video sizes.

  • Video Resizer for IGTV

    This app allows you to resize videos to fit various social media platform requirements.

  • iMovie

    A versatile app that allows you to edit and resize your videos with ease.

Preventing Future Video Size Issues

Prevention is better than cure, right? Let’s ensure you don’t face the same issue in the future.

Regular Updates

Ensure your iPhone is always updated to avoid running into software-related video issues.

Adequate Storage

Maintaining ample storage space ensures that your videos are saved in the highest possible quality.


Fixing small videos on your iPhone doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right tools and a bit of knowledge, you can ensure your memories and moments are captured and shared in the best possible quality and size. Remember, managing your settings and utilizing third-party apps effectively can make a world of difference!


  1. Can I change the default video recording settings on my iPhone?Absolutely! Navigate to Settings > Camera > Record Video to adjust the default settings.
  2. Are there any free apps available for resizing small videos on iPhone?Yes, there are several free apps like iMovie and Video Resizer available on the App Store.
  3. Does editing videos directly on the iPhone reduce their quality?Not necessarily. If done correctly and with adequate storage available, editing on iPhone should maintain quality.
  4. Can small videos be enhanced to improve their resolution?While some enhancement is possible with editing tools, significantly improving resolution might not be feasible.
  5. Is there a way to batch resize videos on iPhone?Batch resizing might require third-party apps, some of which offer this functionality.

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