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Harris Teeter is a popular and notable supermarket chain based in the United States. Harry Teeter has recently disclosed that its more than 250 stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, among others, have started accepting Apple Pay among other contactless payments. The Company opted for this option in response to the growing popularity of NFC technology that allows for a safe and effortless means of payment. In this article we will provide you a comprehensive guide for using Apple Pay at Harris Teeter, How to use it, and its impact on the purchasing process.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is one of the contactless payment options, wherein customers use iPhones or Apple Watches at the point of sale and pay through tapping. It is a quick, easy, and safe way for the customer to pay; hence it is becoming a favorable choice for such stores as the Harris Teeter.

Benefits of using Apple Pay:

Convenience: Customers can now tap and pay using their Apple Pay devices without physically holding any card or enduring long queues at payment desks.
Security: This helps in the improvement of security for customers while making transactions through encryption which is a safer option.
Speed: Apple pay has made checkout times shorter.

Comparison with Other Payment Methods: Apple Pay is a better way and one which has high convenience and security with regards to financial transaction.

Harris Teeter and Apple Pay

In addition, Harris Teeter has also included Apple Pay starting April of this year. The Company has launched this service in its stores located within different locations in the States, thereby ensuring that clients enjoy a secure and convenient way of making payments. Other than Apple Pay, Harris Teeter also has their own service called Kroger Pay, which requires customers to scan a QR code at checkout to pay with a debit or credit card stored in Apple Pay.

How to use Apple Pay at Harris Teeter?

To use Apple Pat at Harris Teeter, customers should place their products in their self-checkout carts and scan the products using the scanner before paying using Apple Pay.

Step-by-step guide:

Locate an Apple Pay terminal at the checkout counter.
Tap your iPhone or Apple watch on the terminal.
Review your billing details, then submit the order.

Customer Reactions and Feedback

The introduction of Apple Pay at Harris Teeter has received good responses from the customers. This has proved convenient to many, and most cherish it. Other customers have pointed out quicker payments and hassle-free shopping.

Social Media Reactions

The response on social media about Apple Pay implementation in Harris has been largely positive. The Company received a lot of acclaim from customers who appreciated its implementation of NFC-based payments.

Impact on the Shopping Experience

The introduction of Apple Pay at Harris Teeter has changed the shopping routine for many of its customers. The shopping experience has become more convenient and efficient with the elimination of physical cards and faster checkout times.

Harris Teeter’s Digital Strategy

It is a part of Harris Teeter’s larger digital strategy. By adopting NFC technology and providing contactless payment alternatives, Harris Teeter remains relevant in an increasingly dynamic retail environment. In addition, the Company’s future plans in terms of its digital expansion include full integration of Apple Pay and other digital wallets.


Finally, adopting Apple Pay by Harris Teeter presents an easy way of payment that is safe for its customers and quick enough. The product has received positive feedback from customers since its introduction, and the Company’s online strategy will definitely undergo development to be responsive to changing shopping patterns. With the increasing popularity of Apple Pay and other digital wallets, Harris Teeter is poised to remain among the best stores for an outstanding shopping expedition.


  1. Is Apple Pay available at all Harris Teeter locations?
    Yes, Apple Pay is now available at all of Harris Teeter’s 250 stores located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland, among others.
  2. Can I still use Kroger Pay at Harris Teeter locations?
    Indeed, Harris Teeter still provides its customized service entitled “Kroger Pay,” whereby customers are required to scan a QR code while checking out and then pay via the debit or credit card stored on their Apple Pay e-wallet.
  3. What time does Harris Teeter open and close?
    Harris Teeter stores usually operate from 6 a.m. till 11p.m, but there might be some variances. For example, there are places such as store number 96 on Carolina Beach Road that operate round the clock. However, please keep in mind that different stores open and close according to their respective business hours. Hence, you should confirm the operational times of your closest Harris Teeter shop.
  4. How do I use Apple Pay with Harris Teeter’s mobile pay system?
    It is easy to use Apple Pay to access Harris Teeter’s mobile pay system. Go to checkout and look for the Apple Pay terminal; put your iPhone near it, enter your payment information, and accept it as usual.
  5. What are the benefits of using Apple Pay at Harris Teeter?
    Some of the advantages of Harris Teeter accepting Apple Pay are ease of use, security, convenience of transactions among others.

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